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No Effort Fundraising

As parents and volunteers, we’ve been roped into our fair share of fundraising. Chocolates, plants, sausage sizzles, cakes, auctions, donations etc. I’m not sure just how many tea-towels one home needs! Fundraising is important and people are generally happy to help out, however the ones organising them, trying to collect money, deliver parcels get worn out pretty fast.

That’s why at SunDust, we have two fundraising models, one least effort and one more traditional with higher returns.

Whichever way, for your next fundraiser, go to and get in touch with Stephanie for your next fundraiser.

1. The Least Effort Option

For the least effort option, we provide a special code to you. For any orders using this code, we give you 15% of all gross sales! We handle all the sales for you and send you the orders, labelled and ready for pickup by your supporters. For those people who can’t pickup, we will post on your behalf but need to apply a minimum order value.

You just need announce to the world, engage your supporters, and arrange for them to pickup their order. Typically, for an organisation of 100 members/students, we find a great uptake with about 1 order for each 2 members. This equates to around $400 delivered to you. Not bad and better than eating a kilo of chocolate.

2. Traditional Fundraising Option

The second option is to the more traditional option where we supply you our product at a wholesale price. Using the example above, with a bit more effort and foot work, the 100 member/student organisation would raise about $600-700. We don’t even mind if you sell at a discount to our normal pricing, benefitting you and your supporters.

The only downside is we need to take payment in advance. More than happy to resupply if you’re exceeding your estimates, but we can’t take product back.

Fundraising FAQ
Any organisation registered with the  ACNC (Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission.
Anyone, not just your members/students.
Yes you can. Some charities have online and physical stores which they already use.
For the least effort option – no, although we there are less than ~25 orders, we may not be able to offer this option to you in the future due to our overhead costs. The minimum purchase for fundraising is one box per product (15-25 units)
The least effort option campaign length is 4-6 weeks.
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee this as it’s highly dependent on a range of things outside of our control.
To give everyone an opportunity, we limit the least effort option to once per summer period (September to March). We only allow a set number of fundraising campaigns at one time so do enquire early if you have a particular month in mind.
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee this as it’s highly dependent on a range of things outside of our control.

Send us an enquiry through our website or email

We can discuss which option is best for you and answer any questions you may have. We can then start when agreed which normally takes only a few says to sort.

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