Mum on a Mission

As a mum and a former geologist, I’ve always had a thing about things that sparkle – rocks, snow, sea, sand, people… and now… Sundust bio-glitter.
SunDust glitter sunscreen founder

From Skiing to Sunscreen

I grew up in Wales where my amazing parents introduced me to skiing. I got hooked and at the age of 14 I was chosen to be on the British ski team. I was a downhill speed racer and since then loved any sports to do with mountains, snow, beaches, oceans and nature in general. With a skin complexion like mine though I've learnt the importance of using a 50+ sunscreen from an early age.

Pom down-under

I came to Australia in 2007 to work as a geologist and worked in the harsh and hot outback of Western Australia, looking for rocks that glitter with gold and other valuable minerals. I met my Aussie husband John in 2009 whilst I was working in Africa, and our first daughter was born in Western Australia in 2015. In 2016 I was made redundant on maternity leave and my mum was diagnosed with leukemia, so we moved back to Wales for 3 years. Looking back it was a big turning point in my life, when my core values shifted away from my professional career and centered upon my family.

Back In Australia

When we returned to Australia in 2018, our family had grown to two beautiful daughters and our third daughter was born in 2020. As a Mum, I found it hard to get our kids to wear 50+ sunscreen at the beach or while playing out in the sun. So went looking for an existing product that would make it fun for the kids to wear sunscreen without any nasties. No joy.

 Sunscreen for kids

From Geology to Bio-Glitter

Then I discovered plastic-free bio-glitter from certified sources. I bought some, mixed it up with SPF50+ sunscreen and tried it out on the kids. They loved it! No more stress! Eureka! Plus, all their friends wanted to use it as well. The bio-glitter seed was firmly planted, and this Mum was on a mission.

SunDust Cosmetics was Born

After extensive research, development and consumer testing, we founded our company Sundust Cosmetics in 2020 and we are proud to now launch our BIO-glitter sunscreen which is plastic-free, fragrance free and contains no parabens.

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