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SunDust Gold Bio Shimmer SPF50+ Sunscreen 3 Pack Bundle

$80.00 AUD

SunDust Gold Bio Shimmer SPF50+ Sunscreen is more than just protective care,  embellishing skincare. It instantly beautifies the skin with tiny traces of bio shimmer, while intensely protecting it.

Our Gold Shimmer Glitter SPF50+ Sunscreen looks great and contains no nasty chemicals or fragrances.

We love putting it on because it instantly makes you feel fabulous. 

All of our sunscreens are made here in Australia and meet the highest TGA regulations.

  • No Plastic
  • No Parabens
  • No Fragrance
  • Safe for you and the reef
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Made and owned in Australia

This sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin and allergies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Debra Karro
Love the product but….

I do love the idea of the product hence ordering as soon as I saw it on Shark Tank…but I found that all tubes n my bundle had coagulated making the cream really hard to spread. Still been using it but having to mix it with other Sun blocks


I love this product so much. I bought all my girlfriends this after seeing it on Shark Tank. It’s better in person. Thank you so much ! Will buy more xx

Raylee Smith
Customers are very happy with this product

1 customer approx 25-30yrs: said she wears it under her makeup everyday
2 customer approx 15yrs: loves it wears it everyday.


Sunscreen is great but am still waiting for a refund of a duplicate order almost 3 weeks and 6 emails later :(

Hi Linda
Did you order your duplicate order under a different name? As we only have one order in our system for you, which was the 3 shimmer sunscreen bundle. I can send you a screenshot of what is in our system. That's why you haven't had a refund because we don't have a duplicate order showing to refund? If we find another order we will of course refund a duplicate order.

Deanna Murray

This is a great product. Love the idea of stars. When they disappear it is time to reapply.

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