The psychology of improved sunscreen application with SunDust sunscreen

Today I would like to talk to you about why our bio-glitter sunscreen is not only fun and sparkly, but improving sunscreen application and developing a life time of sun safe habits.

Lets explore the psychology!

The ABC Psychological Model, consisting of Antecedents, Behavior, and Consequences, can be applied to understand how SunDust bio-glitter sunscreen can improve sunscreen application.

Let's explore each component and its relevance :)

1. Antecedents:
a. Visual Appeal: Bio-glitter sunscreen introduces a fun and visually appealing element to the sunscreen application process. The presence of sparkly bio-glitter particles can act as a positive antecedent by making sunscreen application more enjoyable and engaging. The sparkle and glamour associated with bio-glitter can increase motivation to use sunscreen.

b. Sensory Experience: The fragrance-free and tactile sensation of applying bio-glitter sunscreen can create a pleasant and sensorial experience. The texture and feel of the glitter particles on the skin can enhance the application process, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

c. Environmental Cues: Displaying bio-glitter sunscreen prominently and incorporating it into daily routines can serve as environmental cues for sunscreen application. The presence of visually attractive sunscreen can act as a reminder and prompt individuals to incorporate sun protection into their routine.

When the bio-glitter wears off, you know its time to re-apply!

2. Behavior:
a. Increased Compliance: The addition of SunDust bio-glitter to sunscreen can enhance user compliance. The unique and appealing nature of the product can motivate individuals to apply sunscreen more consistently, ensuring they protect their skin from harmful UV rays.

b. Thorough Application: The presence of bio-glitter particles in the SunDust sunscreen formulation can promote thorough application. People may be more mindful of covering all exposed areas to distribute the glitter evenly, inadvertently ensuring proper coverage and protection.

c. Positive Reinforcement: The positive and glamorous sparkle of SunDust bio-glitter sunscreen can provide immediate reinforcement for sunscreen application behavior. Seeing the shimmering effect of the glitter on the skin can create a sense of reward and satisfaction, reinforcing the behavior.

3. Consequences:
a. Visual Feedback: Bio-glitter sunscreen can offer visual feedback, indicating proper application. Glitter particles that evenly distribute on the skin provide a visual cue that helps individuals gauge if they have applied the sunscreen evenly, increasing their confidence in the effectiveness of their sun protection.

b. Increased Motivation: The glittering effect of bio-glitter sunscreen can serve as an additional motivating factor. Individuals may feel more inspired to use sunscreen due to the added touch of glamour, leading to improved compliance and consistent application.

c. Positive Perception: Using bio-glitter sunscreen can result in positive consequences, such as receiving compliments on the sparkling appearance or feeling more confident in one's sun protection routine. These positive outcomes can strengthen the perception of sunscreen application as a desirable behavior.

By integrating bio-glitter into SunDust sunscreen formulations, the ABC Psychological Model suggests that it can positively impact sunscreen application behavior. The visual appeal, sensory experience, and positive reinforcement associated with bio-glitter sunscreen can enhance motivation, encourage thorough application, and create a sense of reward. Ultimately, these factors contribute to improved compliance and the adoption of consistent sunscreen habits, leading to better protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

If you would like to know more about the ABC psychological model, please check out some links below:

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